Senior Leader Job Description


Life Church Europe, in Bedworth, Warwickshire, UK is looking for their next Senior Leader.

Our next leader will need to have the proven ability and experience to lead Life Church into its next level, building on the core characteristics of the church whilst bringing new ways to reach our local community and help our partners grow and develop in their Christian life.
Life Church is thriving church of over 350 people serving the key towns of Bedworth and Nuneaton and the surrounding areas. It is a vibrant Spirit filled church with a history of excellence in worship, prophetic ministry, community engagement and missional work at home and abroad amongst many other ministries and activities.
We are ready to move forward, development and grow as a church and are excited about the future.

The information below is intended to give you a picture of Life Church – it is not a job description. We are looking for someone who will lead spiritual growth, missional development and new ways of outworking God’s call by building on the clear characteristics that have served us well over the past forty years.

Originally pioneered by six families over 40 years ago, Life Church has grown to around 300-350 people including children at Sunday gatherings. However, with a number of community initiatives we are reaching over 500 people each week. There is a strong sense of loyalty and commitment within the body of the church and a core of great people to work with, who are looking forward to new leadership and moving forward together.
Life Church is based in purpose built facilities close to the centre of Bedworth, an ex-mining town in North Warwickshire near Coventry, Birmingham and Leicester in the middle of England. Mainly serving the communities of Bedworth & Nuneaton (population of 125,000) plus surrounding villages, we attract a sprinkling of people from other local towns and cities. Several new large housing developments are under construction in the local area.

Over the years, some clear characteristics have developed during different seasons which we believe are part of our DNA. However, we have seen and learned to accept that these will be outworked in new ways in different seasons and we are open to new ways of expression and growth. Key aspects of the church are (in no particular order):
• Dynamic, contemporary and prophetic worship
• A balance of high quality preaching and teaching
• Strong passion for Community engagement and serving to a high level • A spirit of generosity
Whilst Life Church has been part of the Assemblies of God since its inception, we have also developed relationships with other networks which we believe is a vital part of being part of God’s greater Kingdom. We will continue to open to pursue relationship with leaders and churches who have a similar heart and spirit as we move forward. We are open to the right person to come into lead us, regardless of their own affiliations.
Life Church has a wide programme of activities or ‘expressions’, including several that engage and serve the local community alongside others that aim to build the church so that they might serve and be active disciples in their day to day lives.

We have been without a Senior Leaders since September 2017, and our Assistant Leader has taken on much of the day to day running, supported by an excellent, dedicated staff team.
Where vacancies have developed over the past few months, we have held back from making appointments where possible, pending the Senior Leadership appointment.

Currently there is a team of Elders that provide leadership support and direction, and a board of Trustees that ensure our financial and legal responsibilities are met. In our current season, we have added two Advisory Elders and an external senior leader from another church to strengthen the leadership and our staff.
We believe there are several people in the church who have leadership gifts and could step up into leadership roles as we move forward. There is an effective group of around 60 ‘Life Leaders’ serving the church effectively by creating and leading teams of people.
Women are fully involved in leadership and ministry within the church, preaching with equality and operating according to their gifting.

Finances are healthy and thankfully we carry no mortgage. A recent sale of an asset has released new monies that will provide for future ministry.

We are looking for a servant-leader with a recognised apostolic gift and proven ability to build empowered team and lead growth; who will quickly identify and build from our spiritual roots whilst developing/redeveloping fresh opportunities to outwork the mission of the church locally, nationally and internationally from a clear vision that leads to growth.
The words and phrases we have used to describe the leader we are looking for are:
A proven apostolic leader
An enabler – someone who empowers
A builder and encourager
A Servant leader who builds teams and develops/releases others–they think team (or Body) The faith to take risks with a healthy fear of the Lord
Courageous to act on God’s call with integrity whilst keeping personal ambition in check Entrepreneur and innovator
Dream Awakener and Paradigm shifter
Leadership with the ‘right’ spirit
Able to demonstrate established and effective accountability
Someone that can demonstrate significant leadership involvement of change & growth
We are open to a person or a couple acting as senior leaders together.
Whilst all of the above may not be in one person alone, we believe in team-ministry where different gifts compliment one another to bring greater strength and capacity, and opportunity for others to develop and grow.

For an informal discussion or to find out more information in confidence please contact initially: Peter Kingham – 07703 345214 – (Interim Chair of the Elders)

Please send a full CV and covering letter, describing your leadership journey and what you as a Senior Leader would aim to bring to Life Church.