Our Vision & Values

We are one church with many expressions throughout our towns and boroughs. We love God and we love people and we want to see a healthy church create a healthy community.

We do this by living out our values:

We Live Authentically

  • We are real and honest and live lives that are focused around the way Jesus wants us to live.
  • There is no gap between what we say and do in private and what we say and do in public.
  • We forgive each other and we are honest about our mistakes.

We Develop People

  • We encourage each other to be our best and we help people reach their full potential.
  • We want to develop the health of the whole person both spiritually, emotionally and physically.
  • We understand that we develop in all these areas by applying the teachings in the bible and by trusting and following God’s leading in our lives.

We Worship with Passion

  • We enjoy life and we have fun!
  • Everything we do brings honor to God, this includes what we do with our time, our talents and our money.
  • We bring God into everything we do.

We Commit to Community

  • We love and care for one another
  • We help people feel like part of the family
  • We reach out to our towns and to the world