Becoming a partner at Life Church is about helping you to belong, not just believe.

It will help you to contribute as part of the church and not just consume from it.

It will give you a place to discover and use your gifts as well as supporting you and giving you the encouragement that you need to grow.

If you want to become a partner then you’ll need to do our 4 week partners course where you get to meet the staff and leadership, get to hear what God’s plan for the church is, what we believe and how you can play a part in it……OH and there’s also free FOOD!

It’s a great time of fun, laughter, learning and getting to make new longstanding friends.

If you feel like this could be your church then get on board and join us as a partner by entering your details below! We’ll get in touch with you about the next Partnership Course so you can get board as soon as possible.