Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions by newcomers to our church.

Is there any parking?

Bedworth – There is ample free parking at The Christian Centre you’ll have no trouble finding a space. We have volunteer car parking attendants on hand to show you the best place to park. We only ask that you park where they tell you and try not hit them with your cars.

Do I have to get involved?

There’s no pressure to get involved. We won’t make you sign your life away to the church on your first visit, or even your fifty-first for that matter. Just know that if you do eventually decide to make this church your home and commit to getting involved that we’ll try our best to make you feel as welcome as possible.

Are my kids provided for?

We have a very successful and comprehensive kids program running during both services on a Sunday morning in Bedworth. See our Life Kids section for more information. If your child has any special requirements we will do our best to ensure that they are fully catered for.

Are you all friendly?

We try to be as approachable as possible ☺

What is your Worship like?

We have a dedicated worship team who try to bring in two fresh songs a month. These songs vary in style, everything from appropriate hymns to more modern worship. The photographs on our Worship or Sunday Service pages to get an idea of the instruments we use.

What if I get thirsty?

We provide tea and coffee after our 9.15 service and before our 11.30 service so you’ll never be more than a few hours away from a tea opportunity. Our Coffee Stop is also open between services selling a range of hot drinks, milkshakes and snacks.

How long are your services?

Our services try to start on time, and finish about an hour and a half later. We have 2 services on a Sunday morning in Bedworth, starting at 9:15am and 11:30am. The time between the two meeting  set aside to socialise and drink a beverage. We encourage everyone to stick around after the first or come early to the second so we can socialise together over teas and coffees.

How can I get involved?

Getting involved is easy . Whether it is going along to a small group or any sort of volunteering that you want to get on board with you’re sure to find the information you need on this site. Why not get in touch with us if you’re really keen?

Are there people like me at your church?

Probably. People from all walks of life choose to make Lifechurch their home church. The best way to find out is to come along and see for your self.

Will it cost me anything?

Our services are free. No charge on the door. We do take up tithes and offerings during one song within the service however this is for members/partners of the church for their regular giving.

How can I get involved in membership at the church?

We prefer to call ‘membership’ Partnership. All information on getting more connected can be found on the Partnership page.

Who’s in charge?

God is. However at all the information on the leadership and staff structure within the church can be found on our Leadership and Staff pages.

How are you reaching out to the community?

Our plan is to be at the centre of our community with Life Church as a key partner working with other local agencies to help those in need. See the Boomerang Project section for more information.

How will Life Church use my personal information should I choose to give it to them?

Life Church takes data protection very seriously and works to a strict Data Protection Policy. This can be downloaded here: Life Church Data Protection Policy.

What do I have to wear?

There is no dress code for Sunday services, come as you are. Jeans and shorts are just as welcome as those who want to come in suits and ties.

Do you provide any counselling?

As part of our pastoral care structure we are positioned to help those in need however we have no trained counsellors on staff at the church.

Where are the toilets?

The toilets are located just off the foyer, through the double doors on the left as you come in. Please refrain from leaving the seat up and overusing paper towels ☺.