There are a few opportunities for getting more involved in the prayer life of Life Church.

Sunday Morning Prayer

We have a time of prayer every Sunday morning before the service from 8:40am. We pray over the service; for salvations, healing and that the Holy Spirit would help us during the service.

Prayer & Praise Bulletin

This is a monthly email sent out to all church partners and small group leaders listing what we’re believing for as a church, missionaries we support, upcoming events, people in the church who are battling with big health issues. The aim of the bulletin is to help direct the prayer of the church throughout the month and believe together for things as a church family.

Sunday Morning Prophetic Words

As a church we fully believe in the power of a prophetic gifting and on Sunday mornings prophetic words are frequently given by individuals to the meeting leader to help direct them in the running of the service. We encourage members of the congregation to bring words to the meeting leader however it is the decision of the meeting leader as to whether or not the word is given verbally to the whole congregation from the platform. All words that are given are recorded in a book for the leadership team to prayerfully consider and reflect on over the course of the year. This allows us to discern God’s voice and meditate on what God has been saying to us either individually or corporately.

Other opportunities

It is strongly encouraged for teams to pray together before and after their groups meet.

If you’d like more information on how you can get involved in prayer at Life Church, or you have a specific prayer need, then get in touch using the form below.